Security Deposit Requirements

Aquarion reserves the right to request a deposit on any account at any time. Deposits may be required based solely on the Company’s determination of the customer’s credit history.

The following deposits are required in order to establish an account with Aquarion:

Residential Single-Family Tenant Deposits

Residential tenants must provide a security deposit of $100.

Commercial Tenant Deposits

Commercial tenants must pay a deposit that is equal to one and one half (1.5) months’ usage. An initial deposit of $100 will be required, which will be reviewed for adequacy after the first bill. If usage is less than $100 for one and one-half (1.5) months, the deposit will be adjusted and the account will be credited. However, if usage is higher, the tenant may receive a request for an additional deposit.

Residential Multi-Family Owner Deposits

New residential owners who purchase a multi-family residential property must provide a security deposit of $300. Multi-family residential properties include, but are not limited to, assisted living facilities, dormatories, group homes, apartment complexes, high-rise apartments, condominiums. If the average quarterly bill is higher than $300, the landlord may receive a request for an additional deposit.

General Deposit Information

  • When an account with a deposit has maintained an excellent credit rating (no late notices or fees) for one year, the deposit plus interest will be credited to the account at that time, or upon final termination of the account with Aquarion.
  • Aquarion will not refuse to provide utility service to a residential customer who lacks the financial ability to pay a security deposit as defined under Sec. 16-11-68 Customer Deposits of the Connecticut Agency Regulations of Connecticut’s Public Utility Regulatory Authority.
  • If the tenant fails to pay, the water service may be terminated for non-payment.
  • When the tenant contacts us upon moving out of the property, we will automatically place the account back in the landlord's name unless instructed by the landlord to shut the service. Please refer to the list of miscellaneous charges under "Water Rates" for turn-on fees.
  • A tenant in a multi-unit dwelling must have an independent service line to become an Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut customer.

For additional information, please contact us:

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