Tenant-Landlord Account Transfers

If you are a landlord of a single-family residential rental property, you may retain responsibility for the water bill or transfer billing to a tenant. To transfer billing, the tenant must have a signed lease agreement for at least a six month period and must complete an Application for Water Utility Services which can be found below, or they can contact us to receive a copy via facsimile by calling the number listed below.

Application for Water Utility Services

If you are a landlord of a commercial property, you may transfer the account into a tenant’s name provided that the commercial unit is separately metered by Aquarion Water Company and has a current lease for at least a six-month duration.

Dwellings serviced by one service line with adjoining dwelling (duplex) the bills must remain the responsibility of the landlord.

Bills for Multi-family dwellings serviced by one meter must remain the responsibility of the landlord. New property owners of multi-family dwellings are required to provide a security deposit.

Deposit requirements vary. See Security Deposit Requirements page under “My Account.”

Landlord Account

When your tenant contacts us upon moving out of the property, we will automatically place the account back in your name unless instructed by you to shut the service. Please refer to the list of miscellaneous charges on Rates page under
“Customer Care” for turn-on fees.

For additional information, please contact us:

Aquarion Water Company of Connecticut
Customer Service Center

200 Monroe Turnpike
Monroe, CT 06468

Local Calling Area:  (203) 445-7310
Toll Free:                (800) 732-9678
Fax:                       (203) 445-7308