Water Supply Emergency Update

Per the Connecticut Department of Public Health's Declaration & Order dated September 29, 2016, Aquarion Water Company will provide this weekly water supply emergency update for our Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan and Stamford water systems.


Update 10-14-16

A. System Status


Daily Water Demands | Download Chart PDF


Greenwich Reservoir Status - 10/13/16  | Download Chart PDF


Stamford Reservoir Status - 10/13/16  | Download Chart PDF


Greenwich / Stamford System Storage Capacity | Download Chart PDF


Greenwich / Stamford System - Storage Remaining | Download Chart PDF


Daily Water Withdrawals From Systems | Download Chart PDF


Daily Precipitation Amounts | Download Chart PDF


Daily Well Production (Rewak and Wire Mill Wells) | Download Chart PDF


B. Conservation Communications and Enforcement


Door-to-door visits: Total since 10/9 - 16,180  |  10/3 - 10/9 – 796

All high users have been contacted.

Phase Two: Aquarion is now focusing on possible customer water leaks, based on usage patterns.

Total visits: 336

Violators by town: For the period 10/3 - 10/9, Darien - 34  |  Greenwich - 186  |  New Canaan - 114  |  Stamford - 96

Number of Aquarion enforcement patrols: For the period 10/3 - 10/9

430 violators found in total

Darien – 9 patrols, over three days
Greenwich – 15 patrols, over five days
New Canaan – 17 patrols, over five days
Stamford – 14 patrols, over seven days

Customer direct mail: Direct mail postcard mailed to all Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan and Stamford customers on 10/5/16. A second postcard will be mailed on 10/19/16.

Local newspaper advertising:
Daily papers - Greenwich Time, Stamford Advocate - 9/28, 9/30, 10/5, 10/7, 10/12, 10/14
Weekly papers - Darien Times, New Canaan Advertiser - 9/29, 10/6, 10/13  |  Darien News, New Canaan News - 9/30, 10/7, 10/14

Mobile billboard: Mobile billboard rolled into Greenwich on Wednesday, October 12, and was in Stamford on Thursday, October 13, and is in Darien and New Canaan on Friday, October 14

Press releases: 9/16 - Mandatory watering ban, 9/29 - Water supply emergency declaration


C. Communications with Suez and New York officials in Rye, Rye Brook and Port Chester


We have continued to provide daily updates to Suez on the status of our operations and water conservation initiatives. Rye, New York has imposed an outdoor water ban and has started to enforce it with $250 tickets.


D. Communications with Connecticut officials in Darien, Greenwich, New Canaan and Stamford


Aquarion has had day-to-day communications with town officials. A conference call with town officials, health directors and the CT Department of Health is scheduled for Friday, October 21.


E. Reservoir Water Quality


Untreated Water Monitoring Results - Greenwich  | Download Chart PDF


Untreated Water Monitoring Results - Inorganics & Pesticides - Greenwich  | Download Chart PDF


Untreated Water Monitoring Results - Stamford  | Download Chart PDF


Untreated Water Monitoring Results - Inorganics & Pesticides - Stamford  | Download Chart PDF


F. Withdrawals, Diversions and Transfers


Diversion Summary | Download Chart PDF


G. Stream Flow Information


Reservoir Releases | Download Chart PDF


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