Water Supply Update - June

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Water Supply Update
Serving the Communities of Hingham, Hull, & North Cohasset

This is all good news for our water supply system and the environment. Our plans are to continue to responsibly monitor and manage our water supply system, and seasonal water restrictions will remain in effect to promote environmental stewardship and ensure that we stay within our allowable withdrawal limits under the state regulated Water Management Act. Seasonal restrictions allow outdoor watering 2 days a week on designated days, after 6 p.m. and before 10 a.m.


Customer Service/Community Outreach

Summertime is when our community gets to come together, share, and celebrate. At Aquarion, the South Shore PMC kids ride marks the start of the unofficial summer season. It is inspiring to see so many kids help raise funds for the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. We are proud to be a sponsor of this great event which helps find new ways to cure cancer. In addition to sponsoring the event financially, we continue our support of this event and others by providing water for the participants.

The South Shore PMC is followed by field days at the elementary schools in Hingham and Hull. The field days are favorite year-end events for all of the schools. To help make them a success, we donate water for the kids to refresh themselves as they have fun and play games.

And just as we have every year since 2002, Aquarion has sponsored the Hingham Fourth of July Fireworks, Race, and Parade. This included passing out water bottles for race and parade participants, and general public. A cherished tradition, the fireworks, road race and parade capture the pride we feel for our community and the nation. We are proud to support them.


News and Notes 

We continue to have great participation in the customer water conservation program. To date, over 60 households have been retrofitted with high efficiency toilets, faucet aerators, and showerheads. In addition, we have had several customers sign up for the $250 rebate towards a high efficiency washing machine and the $2,500 rebate eliminating their outdoor irrigation systems. To find out more details and see if you are eligible please visit our website at: www.aquarionwater.com/conservationoffers.

Operationally, we are proceeding with plans to flush the northwest section of Hingham this summer (July and August) and the northeast section of Hingham, north Cohasset, and Hull in the fall. The flushing program is an important part of maintaining high quality drinking water to all of our customers. Naturally occurring sediments can accumulate in water distribution systems which should be periodically flushed out to minimize the potential for episodes of discolored water. To learn more about discolored water, please visit our website at: www.aquarionwater.com/MA/discolored-water-faqs. To find out details about our nightly flushing schedule please check out our website alerts at type in Hingham, or try the following link: www.aquarionwater.com/alerts.cfm?city=Hingham,MA.