Water Supply Update - November

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Water Supply Update
Serving the Communities of Hingham, Hull, & North Cohasset

Water Resource Management

Aquarion actively manages our water supply system which means making responsible, proactive choices about the operation of our current sources and balancing decisions with customer usage demands. This includes activities such as rehabilitating wells and continued investment in source water delivery infrastructure. To help manage water demands, Aquarion focuses on reducing leakage, replacing and calibrating water meters, and encouraging water conservation through our Customer Water Conservation program.

November’s leak detection survey of our Hull water system revealed six water mains leaks and eight in fire hydrants. Repairs are now in process. Since 2014, Aquarion has identified and repaired more than 90 leaks, helping to reduce lost water by 22%, as measured by "unaccounted-for-water," the industry’s standard measurement of lost water.

We’ve also made good progress in evaluating the ability of our Fulling Mill reservoir to augment summertime flows into the Weir River and still serve our customers’ needs. Right now, our consulting engineers have identified that we have enough storage capacity to reduce periods of low flow in the Weir River.



Groundwater and surface water levels are normal for this time of year. As of the end of November 2017, Accord Pond was at 59% capacity.


Water Supply and Demand - Success in Managing Water Withdrawals 

The average amount of water pumped from our sources to meet demands in November 2017 was 2.75 million gallons per day (MGD).

Though this is above the six-year average for November, much of the increase was due to water main cleaning. Overall, our cumulative water withdrawals for the year are the lowest recorded in the past five years.

How did we accomplish this? The question should be, How did you accomplish it? And the answer is by helping stop household leaks, limiting sprinkler irrigation, taking advantage of our plumbing fixture replacement program, and putting other conserving measures in place. Our own efforts to find and fix leaks certainly helped as well, but we give our conscientious customers a huge amount of credit for helping conserve a critical resource for all the communities we’re privileged to serve.


Water Quality - Delivering Safe, High Quality Water Is Our Priority

In November, we completed our program to clean our water mains throughout Hingham, Hull, and north Cohasset. This effort, sometimes referred to as hydrant flushing, occurred over the course of spring, summer and fall, and involved flowing high volumes of water through more than 800 fire hydrants to clear our water mains of any naturally occurring sediments that have accumulated over time. Aquarion will continue the water main cleaning program in 2018. By cleaning water mains on an annual basis, we can continue to provide you and all of our customers with consistently high-quality water.


Customer Service/Community Outreach - Supporting and Enhancing the Communities Where We Live, Work, and Operate

Communicating with our customers, public officials, and community partners is an essential component of our day-to-day operation. We use a variety of communication channels to help ensure useful information reaches all our constituents. These include:

Email: This is our twelfth edition of a more comprehensive “Water Supply Update.” Since re-launching, we’ve used your feedback to make it more informative and useful for you.

Website: We continue to use our online presence to provide you with helpful information. In the last year, we added a number of FAQs covering topics such as water quality, conservation measures, and rates.

Social media:Last month, Aquarion partnered with the Weir River Watershed Association to offer a live broadcast of the association’s annual meeting. The meeting provided the community with a look at how we plan to meet water demands through 2031. Aquarion also utilized Facebook to seek donations for Hingham’s annual tradition, “Christmas In The Square.”

If you haven’t visited us on Facebook, please take a moment and go to www.facebook.com/HinghamWaterFacts and like us.


Operational News and Notes 

Have you found out if you’re eligible for our free plumbing fixture replacement program? So far, we’ve completed free replacements for 180 customers, including over 300 toilets, 225 showerheads and faucet aerators, plus rebates on 12 high-efficiency washing machines. In total, this accounts for over 5,100 gallons per day of savings. To find out more details about our Customer Water Conservation program and see if you are eligible, please visit our website at www.aquarionwater.com/conservationoffers.

Painting of the Accord water storage tank is expected to begin in March of 2018 and to be completed by the end of May.

We’ve begun design work for water main replacement projects in 2018 including Hingham (Sherwood Road, Butler Road, Hayes Road, and Elmore Road) and Hull (Maple Lane, Logan Avenue, and Cadish Avenue – M Street to S Street).