Water Supply Update - October

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Water Supply Update
Serving the Communities of Hingham, Hull, & North Cohasset

The precipitation recorded at the Water Treatment Plant in Hingham during the month of October was 7.62 inches, which is above average for the month of October. However, we are still greater than 5 inches below average for the year. Groundwater and surface water levels remain seasonally low.

As of the last day of October 2016, Accord Pond was only 68% full, which is approximately 10% below average for this time of year.

Water Supply and Restrictions

Due to the current drought, and until further notice, a water ban on outside watering remains in affect. All customers are also encouraged to continue water conservation practices.

The average daily withdrawal from our water supply sources for the month of October was 2.59 million gallons per day (MGD), which is below the 5-year average of 2.92 MGD. Based on the communities’ favorable response to water restrictions and our

success in reducing leakage, the demand for water has declined in Hingham, Hull, and north Cohasset. This October, we had to withdraw 13% less water from our wells and reservoir than in past Octobers. Usage this year through October is the second lowest in the past 6 years (see figure below). We want to thank our customers for their cooperation with the outdoor water use restrictions this past summer.

Customer Service/Community Outreach

As part of the Green Team program in collaboration with the Hingham school system we will be conducting facility tours for the Foster Elementary School in November. We will also be coordinating tours for Notre Dame Academy. The Weir River Watershed Association held their annual meeting on November 17, 2016 at 7 p.m. at the Hingham Public Library. Aquarion was there to support the Association and donated a rain barrel for a raffle prize.

News and Notes

Leak detection and repair efforts have continued, resulting in a current rolling 12-month average for non-revenue water of 18.8%. Non-revenue water is the difference between the amount of water we pump into the distribution system and the amount of water consumed by our customers (metered usage). Non-revenue water is typically associated with leakage.

This coming spring (2017) we are planning to perform some maintenance on our distribution system by flushing water out of the fire hydrants. The goal of this activity is to remove accumulated sediments from the distribution piping network which will help us to reduce episodes of discolored water in the future. However, the process of flushing the mains might create a short period of discolored water in the vicinity of the hydrants being flushed. To minimize the impacts to our customers, flushing will be conducted in the evenings, when there is generally less usage. The flushing program will likely begin in March or April 2017 and will be conducted nightly for 4 to 6 weeks. We will prepare schedules weekly and let all customers know in advance by sending out Code Red messages and posting schedule information on our website.